Full-time housewife

Yesterday was Ken’s first lesson or his faculty’s orientation (rather) and I was pretty much on my own. So what did I do?

In the morning, after brekky and QT with the hubs, I set off to Boston Public Library to borrow all the cookbooks that I wanted. Gosh! This library is superb and holds most of the books that I want (except for some which were like, gone forever – couldn’t be recovered). So I went home with 5 cookbooks to be devoured for the next 21 days:

– Food network kitchens cookbook
– 75 wok & stir-fry recipes
– Harumi’s Japanese cooking
– Everyday pasta
– Culinary boot camp

After lunch (just plain biscuits which we wanted to finish) and an online movie, I went supermarketing. It was during this trip that I started to think about my new role as a housewife. Yes, I traded teaching to be one working for the household. Now, I do more comparing of prices of food across supermarkets and planning meals (which could be a real challenge). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I felt enriched reading up on cooking (not just the recipes but the art and science of it) and appreciated the time to do what I like. But sometimes, I wonder how much I am contributing to the society by my staying at home. Oh yah, did I mention that I spend about 2 to 3 hours just in two supermarkets?

Of course, the hubs enlightened me in the evening with some of his thoughts. I’m thankful for his wisdom but am also excited about an upcoming interview for a volunteering position related to education.

So there you go, on a normal day like this, I do research on cooking and also the practical part of it and when the weather permits, I will be training for my marathon which I have very much slackened. I should be hitting >20km now!!! I’m leaving you with a pic of a car that I love…the red JEEP!

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