Lesson 1.1 How to make white stock

‘It has been said that the measure of a good cook is how well he or she makes a soup. Not a complicated, multicourse meal or a delicate souffle, but a simple soup.’ ~ MS

So, whether or not I have the dutch oven (yet!), I thought I should just go ahead by making a small portion of the chicken stock using chicken thigh for the flavour base and carrots, celery stalks, onions and black pepper for aromatics.

Since I am using the stock and chicken immediately for dinner, there was no excess for keeps. I went on to make Chicken macaroni soup, a very simple dish I learnt when I was in Secondary School. As usual, I crowd the whole shallow bowl with ingredients and the turnout of the picture is bleh.

I quickly come to realise that food photography is another skill I must learn so as to present them to readers as delectable. That will include the setting, lighting and the cutlery & utensils (and even props) used to present the food. I’m posting the crowded dish that I have made which served as a gentle reminder to me to stop maximising the size of the dish! =p


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