Go! Eagles! Go!

We waited for Hurricane Earl to sweep into our area on Friday, around 8pm as forecast by the weatherman. But…there was only heavy rain (not even storm!) and then our internet connection was cut off for another 24 hours. Apa ini!??

What a HUGE disappointment! The tropical girl just wanted to experience what a hurricane is! Bummer! Hurricane we did not have but we couldn’t sleep well nonethless because of all times of the day, our dear neighbours decided to have a chat in the wee hours of the morning and they have come to a conclusion to involve the others as well. Their voices were so loud that a microphone would be unnecessary. It was torturous. The night before, some young lads decided to come together to watch a football match and made a din in the area as well. We were panda-eyed and gained some muscles here and there by getting on and off the bed, trying to open and shut the windows, according to the volume of the noise. I regretted not bringing my ear-plugs. I vowed to blast my music early in the morning just so that they could get a taste of their own medicine. Alas! The loudest the computer could go could only wake dear hubs up. In the end, it was revealed that we should show mercy. =p

We also decided that we shouldn’t allow unhappy incidents to affect us and we went for a football match at BC. Homeground! We were supporting the Eagles! Hubs was excited and I tagged along. Who knows? I might enjoy! And I did! Hubs was explaining to me the game and it was exciting to watch the players in motion, their tactics. But it was a rather slow-moving game ( I don’t know how to really explain; Ken should know) and by the 3rd round, we decided to leave since the Eagles was going to win anyway.

It was nice – Ken teaching me about American football and I, educating him about cooking =p.

Oh yea! Happy belated Teachers’ Day to my fellow colleagues!

Ardent fans!

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