Happy holidays!

Let’s take a break. Sometimes, it’s good to have the college stuff – the sausages, hamburgers and chips.

Happy holidays, everyone! My Baking Boot Camp book has just arrived! Time to devour!

Dutch oven

I couldn’t start my first lesson which I initially thought I could; I do not have a stockpot or dutch oven.

Very quickly, I decided to opt for a dutch oven because it is a more versatile pot and could be used for braising meats and vegetables, as well as for making stews. It could be used on the stove top and in the oven.

So Ken and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for it. Most of them were sold in a set of saucepans and skillet and one of them was super attractive. The set was priced at $49.99 for a 10-piece set. But when I examined closely, the quality was none too good and I suspect they won’t last. Well, you get what you paid and in this case, it applies.

There was one by Calphalon and it costs over $100 for a blue enameled 8 -quart. It was way beyond my budget and well, the rest were pretty much in the same category. Ken advised me to go back and do more research about it (as most men would) and the more info I read, the more confused I am (couldn’t decide).

Well, I am going to narrow down my criteria:
1. Red enameled dutch oven, 5-6 qt.
2. It must be heavy with thick sides and bottom.
3. Must be able to be used in oven.
4. Budget between $50 to $100.

Any recommendations?