Class is starting soon and in preparation, I have been reading up on Cooking101, the basics and that ranges from knowledge of the various equipment and tools and their uses to the identification of herbs.

I don’t have the best of equipment here and sometimes wish Mom could just ship some of her stuff to me. She bought only the best and some of the pots and pans could amount to thousands of dollars. I remember one machine she bought when I was little, called Magimix (food processor) and back then, I considered her weird to fork out so much on that thing. But that THING does a lot of wonders but it’s a pity that mom seldom uses it now that we are all grown up and hardly at home.

So perhaps, such practice is passed on to me. I know there are things we can save but it is always wise to spend on good-quality cookware and knives so that they can last serve us well for a lifetime or even generations to come. I know my sis and I would inherit some of her cookware!

Back to my curriculum (which I base heavily on Martha Stewart’s Cooking School), I realised that her website has wonderful resources that we could use, tips and videos that I could watch as I learn my craft. Oh! They have quizzes as well and I top every one of them! I am definitely pleased to have bought the textbook and I must give credit to the team behind MS. Thus far, the information has been useful and comprehensible and I love it when they are supplemented with videos and wonderful pictures. It’s just like some colleges who offer different modes of learning!

I’m excited. I’m going to bring forward my lesson to today (oh! the benefit of being self-taught) as we are running low on food supply! I might as well start my curriculum today!  Oops! I realised I couldn’t start as I have not gotten my dutch oven yet! Bummer!

The first set of lessons would be on stocks and soups and there are 9 sessions altogether. I will be going through every one of them and with that, create related dishes for our meals.


Autumn is almost here!

The falling of leaves signals the beginning of Autumn. Goodbye Summer! You made me sweat!

Fried rice with minced meat, cucumber & eggs

Fried rice is one of the easiest dish to create when one is hungry. Once you have your ingredients in place, the stir- frying would just take 10 minutes. You can any ingredients you want, and for this round, I used minced pork, cucumber and eggs.

Ingredients (for 2 pax):
150g minced pork (marinated with soy sauce & Shao Xing cooking wine)
3 cloves of garlic (chopped)
2 eggs
Cucumber, diced
Spring onion, diced.
3 tbsp oil
A little salt
1 tsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
A little pepper (optional)

1. Cooked rice the night before and chill it. We often use left-over rice to do fried-rice as it gives better texture.
2. Heat the wok over high heat and add the oil. Add in the salt and garlic and constantly stir-fry.
3. Add in the minced pork and stir-fry until the pork turns a little cooked. The cooked pork create juice as they are cooked.
4. Add in the rice and stir-fry for about 2 minutes.

5. Create a well in the centre of the wok and crack in 2 eggs. Allow the eggs to be cook and then mix well with the rice mixture.
6. Add in the cucumber and spring onion and season with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil. Just before serving, add a pinch of pepper.

* Adding in the vegetables last helps to retain their bite.