“Hi, I’m Lynn from Singapore. I’m not under any programme. I’m just accompanying my spouse.”

Applause given at my introduction. I was perhaps the only one (if not, another) who was not studying but was present at yesterday’s International Students’ Orientation. It was an informal session in which we had existing students in an panel giving advice to the new ones.

Of the turnout, almost 1/2 of them were from China. The rest of the students were from HK, S. Korea, Kenya, NZ, and some S. American countries. Singapore got her respresentatives from Ken and another fellowman, Matthew, who will be studying Theology (how’s that?!). We were actually quite surprised to see another Singaporean and of course we immediately made contact with him after the session.

The BBQ was All-American buffet style, complete with buns, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pasta and cookies. I must say it was a good change from the Asian food that we have been having. We managed to catch up more with Matthew who just came over 2 days ago and looked seriously jet-lagged. =p

Back home, I have decided to enter this challenge on foodblog. Not that I wanted to win desperately but since I am already learning and experimenting with cooking, it is a might-as-well kinda thing. The challenges are also interesting; I would still attempt even if I don’t sign up for it! Stay tuned for more updates in my foodblog!

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