Magnolia cupcakes

During our recent visit to New York, one of the essential stops that we had made was to Magnolia Bakery. We went to the one at Rockefeller Center and there was already a long queue for the cupcakes; It seems like one of the tourist attractions! Being a tourist too, I must get hold of one of the cupcakes and I chose Devil’s Food cupcakes with buttercream. Thankfully, there was a neat system in place and we did not have to wait too long in the queue.

I tell you, when I had my first bite of it, it seemed like the whole world stood still and the cupcake just melt in your mouth, giving you full satisfaction for a hard day’s work. I love it and I’m gonna make them myself in time to come. Promise!


“Hi, I’m Lynn from Singapore. I’m not under any programme. I’m just accompanying my spouse.”

Applause given at my introduction. I was perhaps the only one (if not, another) who was not studying but was present at yesterday’s International Students’ Orientation. It was an informal session in which we had existing students in an panel giving advice to the new ones.

Of the turnout, almost 1/2 of them were from China. The rest of the students were from HK, S. Korea, Kenya, NZ, and some S. American countries. Singapore got her respresentatives from Ken and another fellowman, Matthew, who will be studying Theology (how’s that?!). We were actually quite surprised to see another Singaporean and of course we immediately made contact with him after the session.

The BBQ was All-American buffet style, complete with buns, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pasta and cookies. I must say it was a good change from the Asian food that we have been having. We managed to catch up more with Matthew who just came over 2 days ago and looked seriously jet-lagged. =p

Back home, I have decided to enter this challenge on foodblog. Not that I wanted to win desperately but since I am already learning and experimenting with cooking, it is a might-as-well kinda thing. The challenges are also interesting; I would still attempt even if I don’t sign up for it! Stay tuned for more updates in my foodblog!


It was rather recent that I got to know of this website foodbuzz where you can find a community of food bloggers. There is one contest called project food blog in which bloggers will attempt some challenges pertaining to food. I thought it was quite fun but didn’t think I would actually enter for contest. Whether or not I take part, I would still try those challenges on my own.

However, I received an email from the editorial team, encouraging us to participate. The hubs was always such a great cheerleader and urged me to sign up. So here I am, entering. Whether or not I proceed to the next stage, I would still challenge myself. It would be great fun, I’m sure.

Some of the challenges include:
– Setting a food blog
– Tackle a classic dish from another culture
– Hold a party for my friends and family & to share the hosting secrets on the blog
– Create a step-by-step, instructional photo tutorial
– Create my own version on the same recipe
–  Choose a recipe from my blog archives and make it come to life on video
– Create a sweet or savory baked good featuring one or more of the following seasonal ingredients
– Do a restaurant review

Adventures’ starting! =)

Chunky fries

I know it’s rather insane eating fries in this hot summer weather but I still have some russet potatoes sitting by the tabletop, waiting sadly for me to use them. So, here goes! Chunky fries! I like them chunky because I can taste the potatoes when I munch on them. Moreover, they are a tad healthier since thinner version soak up the oil when we fry them. Yes, I think we are basically drinking oil when we eat those skinny ones.

Ingredients (for 2 pax):
– 2 russet potatoes, washed
– Canola oil ( good since it has high boiling point)
– salt

1. Wash the potatoes and peel them if you like. Cut them into chunks, preferably of the same size for even frying.
2. Place the fries into a bowl of water filled with ice, for at least 30 minutes. This is to remove some of the starch from the potatoes.
3. Dry the potatoes thoroughly.
4. Heat the oil to about 350F to 375F. You may need a thermometer.
5. Fry the potatoes for about 10 minutes or until they turn a nice golden brown.
6. Drain them on paper towel.
7. Sprinkle salt over them while they are still hot and serve immediately.

* I sprinkled some ground black pepper too.