Apple crumble muffins

I’m counting down to relocating to Boston for 1.5 years and that would also mean that I need to use up whatever ingredients I have in the storage. Obviously, they are different types of flour, fats and nuts. I wanted to call it a day for baking until Boston but the itchy hands couldnt rest.

So while the hubs was packing away, I looked into the fridge and saw apples. So it shall be apple crumble muffins. Unfortunately I did not have fine sugar and thus replaced it with muscovado sugar and hoped that it would turn out fine. Again, there wasn’t sufficent almond powder to make up the right proportion and I replaced it with walnuts. This could give some crunch to the toppings!

And the day proceeded with an unfortunate event – I melted my plastic measuring cup in the oven and I thought I have checked twice!! This was not the first time that I have melted a similar cup and how could I?

The muffins turned out fine but a little bland at the bottom. They suit mama fine and I’m pleased with that.

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