O Amigo!

Some days back, K asked if I was interested in going to Bintan under Club Med as he heard from his friend that it was a super fun trip. Of course, it was a straight NO from me as I know that the prices they state are exhorbitant. Basically you pay them to force you to play! I told him.

Poor chap. All he wanted was to bring me elsewhere to relax. But seriously, it would be better that we save the money and then use it for some other places.

We talked about the places we could visit while he was in US. So, to avoid the cold, we could visit Florida since his friend is there. Ok. I’m not a theme park person but don’t mind. However, at the back of my mind is South America, the land of many wonders.

I check it out and love it. The places are exotic and mysterious! I’m definitely bent on going Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. They have the Easter Island, Inca trails and we could get to know more about the Machu Picchu! What rich history! It’s such a waste not to go there since we are relatively nearer then.

So, if this is approved, I will start learning Spanish and to plan for it.

We can go other states during summer. But pls, pls, go to S. America?

Boss, for your approval, pls.