Failed attempt

We scheduled a long morning run but realised that I do not have running gears left anymore at Ken’s place! What a bummer! So, the run has to be called off as going back to my place and then setting off to ECP by foot would take too much time.

Pic taken from Okashi

So, to pass the time, I decided to bake. I chose choux puffs as I have all the ingredients at his place. Following the recipe religiously, all seemed to go well except for the last part. The batter should be more runny than the slightly solidified version of mine. I looked through the recipe and I DID follow!

In the oven

So the tray was placed into the oven nonetheless, half knowing that it was a failure already. I went through the  steps again; I did not deviate from them! What’s wrong?

I think I have underestimated this recipe but also suspect that there is some information missing. I should have done more research before proceeding. When they came out of the oven, they were hard (because I put in 10 min more) but the taste was there.

I need to try again. I need to find out what went wrong.

Afternote: After going through some blogs on the same item, I realised that the recipe might really has some mistakes. The proportion for the water is a little low and instead of using whole eggs, the recipe calls for only yolks. I’m no expert though and thus can’t verify that her recipe is wrong. Consistently, all other recipes call for eggs instead of yolks and this could be the main difference. This episode taught me to really read up more before attempting a seemingly easy-looking recipe. Ken did suggest asking me to add more water but I was dogmatic about it, wanting to follow the steps through. I should have listened to my husband! =p