I moved for the second time, so that new officers could take our current workstation. The final area was good, cosy and since it was so close to the door, I doubled up as a receptionist. =)

We got our visa with some hassle. Shan’t elaborate but really not too happy about it. Since we had time before dinner with the in-laws, Ken and I went down to Taka to help the economy move a little. It feels good to spend money that is not ours. Well, in a way, it was still our money since the amount was redeemed from the credit card’s points. Ken bought 3 shirts and we bought some TSA locks for the trip.

Dinner @ Candlenut Kitchen (25 Neil Road) was good. It serves Peranakan cuisine and the dishes were all mouth-watering! The prices are reasonable too and it was a good catching up with the family. Aunt is going to teach us how to cook Peranakan laksa soon! Yea!

Ye Ye's chicken curry




The trio dessert