I have a voice!

We went down for the visa interview today and well, it was a long wait. The security was tight, or may I say troublesome. Ken had to go down a second time because I wasn’t there yesterday (in the website, it was not clear that dependents have to be present).

I was looking forward to the interview because I watched from movies that they asked a lot of questions and I was prepared to answer! So the lady started questioning Ken, his work and any supporting documents. I waited for my turn patiently and smiling the whole time. ‘I’m ready to answer, baby!’ BUT..the lady only asked me one question…. ONE question?!!! And my dear husband answered for me and I was left looking like a dumb-ass. So I waited again while she typed away. This time round, I would answer before Ken could open his mouth. But…. no more question for me!!!
At another counter, my dear husband even directed me on the finger printing. Sigh! I can read and understand pics lor. I am not a kid anymore!

I have a voice…and I want to be heard!

Heheheh..but I know that’s his way of protecting me…but but..I am a grown-up already wor…