Ye Shanghai, Yea Shanghai

We sent Ignis to uncle’s workshop and by evening, uncle had the documents for me to sign to scrape the car and to settle the balance.

What a relief! It was so because I don’t have much joy driving anymore. It was stressful on the roads and scraping it was a relief to the accounts too. Debt-free! Yea! This is true freedom! I don’t have to worry about carpark lots, car breakdown and other crappy stuff.

Of course, we will be very much inconvenienced. But I guess that’s all right with the current efficient transport system. I’ve really no complaints.

And yes, I will be on a jetplane soon. Gosh, it has been nine months since we last travelled. No rest. No wonder I feel so tired.=p I have wanted to go back to Shanghai since 2008 and now it’s finally happening! This would be my 4th time? Let’s just see how much she has changed since then!

I’ll be missing Bao though. =( My first time being away from him for so long….=(