The weekend saw me baking without the use of the mixer. Coincidence maybe but it could stem from the fact that I was baking in the morning and thus the use of the mixer would wake the folks up.

The dessert I intended to bake allowed me to use manual beating. It was Green Tea Tiramisu on Saturday morning and Apple Crumble on Sunday morning.

Green Tea Tiramisu is amazingly simple to make and I can’t wait to go on to the conventional Tiramisu. The one I have made attracted only those who like green tea and thus may not suit the tastebuds of many. I’m thankful it turned out well, moist the way I like it and compared to the normal Tiramisu, much healthier.

Then it was apple crumble and this time round, I tried adding walnuts and cinnamon (and then realised I didn’t have cinnamon at home!). This is also another healthier choice with the apples and nuts.

This weekend was really jammed packed. It was good to have CG again after last week’s picnic. Always wonderful to study the Word together. Good catching up with some friends who made a visit to Singapore and also supported Bud in his photography exhibition. And today it was a good session with the mission trippers.

I’m tired. Having headaches and backaches for the entire week was no joke. I need a break.

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