I Do. Do I?

That’s the title of Carrie’s new book in the show. Which also brings me to the question, What happens after you say ‘I DO?’

Ok. I know I am not being very original but this is a question I often find myself asking and reflecting. Nope, we are not into kids. These might come later. Having kids is something we agreed that we both must be convicted of and that we know what we are getting ourselves into. It should definitely not because of peer pressure¬†or the age factor. It must be because we both want it. For now, really, it’s just ‘Me and You, just us two’. =p

Days after I DO have been wonderful, complete. I am with hubs 24/7 literally and we still miss each other at the end of the day. Till date, we have not engaged ourselves in any quarrel (surprise!). Perhaps the only times that we nearly got into one was when I purposely irritated him because it’s rather strange that we don’t quarrel. So, hubs, being fully aware of that, would stop me and looked at me in the eyes, “You just want to make me angry right?” And there my game/experiment ceased.

Hubs has been God-sent. Having similar values and perspectives help in our relationship and the fact that both of us are passionate about education draw us closer in our conversation. We are both aware of our roles in the relationship. I, being the helper and he, the leader of the household and one who cares like Christ cares for the church. Perhaps, because we know our positions in the relationship and knowing how fragile it could be, we respect each other duely and try to understand/empathise with each other in various situations.  

Of course, it is not perfect. It would never be in a fallen world. But to me, I am contented. Maybe one would be cynical and propose that it is our first year of marriage and thus we are still in our honeymoon stage. Granted, absolutely. I mean, we have not really gone into making big decisions like purchasing of a roof or having kids. But having gone through the wedding preparation and stuff, I know I can count on him. We are adults, not some rash kids. It will be fine as I choose to believe. This guy is mature enough to make wise decision and definitely dependable.

This month last year, hubs proposed to me. This year, this month, he bought me something to commemorate the event. It’s my first cocktail ring. =)

Thank you for this one year. It has been terrific! And yes! I DO!