nice weekend

This was a good weekend. We had a nice picnic at the Botanic Gardens with the CG, having a whale of a time with the frisbee and of course the food. It was a good change as Edric, the CGL decided to help us bond more with a week of fellowship session such as this. =)

CG Picnic

waldorf salad

We couldn’t stay long as we had to attend Ken’s uni friend’s wedding whom I  happened to work with for one of the projects in HQ. It was a cosy dinner and the video showing the morning event was hilarious. Now, I really think that Ken had it easy during the tea ceremony.

During the dinner, we got to know one of Ken’s friend is also going US for his husband’s studies. Their situation would be the same as ours except that both husband and wife would be on no-pay since the husband would be quitting his job to go for an MBA. Whoah! The wifey found it exciting as they face the unknown in the future. I thought that was a brave move and I honestly don’t think I would be as ‘siao sa’ as her. Perhaps, they have been thinking about this for a long while and thus had made plans for it, be it emotionally or financially. The wifey embraced the thought as she found it a good break from all the years of working, an idea many at the table concurred. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to go back to teaching. Maybe I should really do some teaching assignments in the US, if there is any possibilities.

Sunday, we went to watch SATC 2 and bumped into my fav person in HQ. Our eyes met for a good 5 seconds while he was on his way to accompany his wife to the toilet and I finally mouthed, “Hello, DOS.”

Told Ken about it and all of a sudden, he was awakened and kept looking at the entrance door to the theatre. Lo and behold, minutes later, DOS and his wife came in and before we knew it, they took the seats next to us. So, there we were, watching the show together. What a coincidence!

I like the show and I thought it was better than the first one. Perhaps, I could identify with one of the characters and I found the issues faced by three of the ladies so real. There was a little exaggeration, no doubt but it was all right. Predictable storyline but enjoyable nonetheless. I identified with Carrie on her life after marriage and to a certain extent, some of her concerns matched mine. At the end of the day, I’m glad to have a wonderful husband too and a group of gals whom I could run to. =)

Along the way, I bought a baking book for an MK and decided to try one of the recipes since I have all the ingredients at home. It was easy and fuss-free! No equipment needed! Woohoo! I so love baking! Anyone can do a good job!

I heart New York! 2 more months!

Apple Crumble Muffins

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