I like simplicity and I don’t like to put on too much make-up and of course jewellery.

But recently, I have taken a fancy to those chunky ring or cocktail ring as some would put it.

So I went shopping (since ah bao had something on in the morning) and went to shop for one to match my dress for a wedding dinner tonight.

The '$55' ring

First stop. Isetan. I saw one that I liked but was taken aback with the price. $188. It was too expensive even with a 30% discount thrown in. I won’t wear it to work, just for dinners and dates.

Then to Swaroski I went just to check it out. There were some which were on 50% and I saw one which was absolutely exquisite. It was $200+ after discount. If I were single, I would have purchased it without even considering much. But now, it is different. So my eyes settled for something else and heard the salesperson mention $55. What? $55? It was in my finger the next moment and when I was about to pay, I asked her again if it was $55. Alas, I actually heard it wrongly. It was $500+.

Darn! I must have stayed in the shop for a long time, making decision. In the end, I decided I could not part with the money and went off, half in truimph, half in regret. It was so beautiful!I  went back to Isetan since that piece was the cheapest among those I have eyed. In the end, I abandoned the thought of owning it.

Hmm…but they are nice….maybe I should have one. Just one?

I say, forget about real jewellery. Costume jewellery is in!

This is nice too