It would have been a wonderful beginning to a beautiful Thursday. BUT…

SE joined the NIKE wristband club and was motivated to run and so we jio her for a morning run. 1.22km into the run, I sensed impending cramps and told K and her to run on. So I turned back and just a few steps into it, the cramps started. The jogging turned to walking and then to squatting. The pain was getting unbearable and I stopped several times, clutching my abdomen. Several cars passed by and I was waiting for some kind souls to stop and help.

None. Oh Lord, please help!

So, to distract me from the pain, I decided to play a game. I would stop after a few steps to see if anyone could see that I was in pain and help me.

1. I stopped in front of a big house whose owner had just came back in a sports car. I squatted. Nope. Didn’t help.

2. I stopped in front of the Indo embassy, hoping that the security guard would take notice of this poor girl. Nope. Well, perhaps, to play safe, they really couldn’t help anyone. What if this poor girl turned out to be a terrorist?

3. I think I must have lost hope. The shit was able to come out and I thought of doing by the road side. Find some bushes. The pain didn’t allow me to carry on any more distance and I squatted in front of a condo. Just then, a big black mercedes drove out and the driver slowed down, wound down the window and asked, “Are you all right?”

“I need the toilet!”

“Go to the back of the building,” she pointed in the direction of the condo and signalled to the security guard.

I walked over in pain, thanked the female driver and sped up to find the toilet by the club house. Steps, swimming pool and then the toilet signs greeted me. Hallelujah! I was already seeing stars and the vision had blurred and slightly blank. My body had turned cold. I fear I would collapse anytime. I needed to reach my destination! All I need was the cubicle! Making sure that the figure on the sign wore skirt, I dashed towards the entrance. Before I knew it, I had banged against the entrance door. Damn. I saw more stars…

Thankfully, I gathered my last bit of strength and found my way to the cubicle. It was waves after waves of pain then , two-way traffic. I had stomach upset and vomitted. The pain didn’t go away and I found myself sitting on the floor of the cubicle, groaning.  At the back of my mind, I knew Ken would be worried if he didn’t see me in the office. Shit! I should really bring my phone when I jog the next time!

So after resting for a good 20 minutes, I felt better. I walked out and was greeted by the inviting lap pool. Ahhhhh….How nice if I could live here!

Walking back to the office, I was grateful to the female driver and was comforted that there were still kind souls amongst the rich (but of course!).

I have overcome this ordeal again (thank you Lord), one which has haunted me since I reached puberty. If I have to take MC each time this happens, my record would surely be jialat man. Surely cannot qualify for the Sports for Life incentives which only allows for 5 MCs per year and if you achieve good 2.4km timing. =p.

Anyway, I survived.

Sorry, hubs for making you worry.

The coffee that calmed my body after the ordeal.