It happened again!

This was my second time encountering a flat tyre. Thankfully, I wasn’t in a rush to drive off and thus noticed the strange looking tyre and after calling HP to confirm it, it’s off to help change tyre!


Alas, the nuts didn’t come off easily and after a few attempts, we gave up and I called my usual saviour aka uncle.

The mechanic came. Initially, he used just the spanner (not sure about the term) but futile. Then he changed equipment, I think a battery-operated one. Couldn’t. And in the end, he used a huge machine to get the stubborn nut out. Hurray!!!!

The culprit was a thumb tack and he ‘repaired’ the tyre but inserting some rubbery thing into the hole and that’s it!

It’s quite interesting witnessing the whole process. JUst when I called this morning that I wanted to sell the car, this happened. Interesting! I’m waiting for that day that I will be debt-free and that I will not be distressed again by fellow drivers. =)