The Dinner & the wedding sum-up

The morning saw us checking out BBakery for our brunch. Hubs has raved about the food there, esp the tiramisu and since we have ample time, decided to check our the food. Hubs has suggested sharing the food and I wondered why. I understood when the portion came. The plate was huge, though I wasn’t so sure about the portion. I guess psychologically, the mind has perceived that there was much food and in the end we couldn’t finish what we ordered. Spaghetti was good and it’s worth going there.

So it was M Hotel that we proceeded thereafter. Umm… I informed the management that it was our wedding night and expected something nice to be done up. Well, it was biz as usual, nothing special. I was a tad disappointed. The supplies in the room was not fantastic; really just catering to biz people. I was so bored with the room and decided to look at the pool. It was small. How pathetic! And I retreated to the room. In hotels, BBC and Travel & Living is my best companion 😦

And the highlights of the wedding:
– Ken’s relatives were on time while my side was frustratingly late. I was so upset & irritated that I called mom that I would start at my stipulated time. Thankfully, Sha, sis & hubs came to calm me.
– I resolved to go around tables and socialize with our guests & we were able to do that! That was really satisfying because I could get to know hubs’ relatives and also greet mine.
– The timing and pace were good. 98% of the guests stayed throughout. Yay!
– I realised I actually enjoyed myself and I suspect the going around tables to talk to the guests helped achieve that.

The dinner was finally over! Life goes on! My heartfelt gratitude to all who chipped in to help!


At this point in time, I thought I should just park our wedding on this post. Yes, from the solemnisation, to the tea ceremony and finally the dinner. For memory’s sake.

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

We got married on 12 Sept 2009 (:

The wedding or rather, its preparation was quite an adventure in itself.  Ken proposed to me in June 09 and we were thinking what kind of wedding we wanted. We definitely were not going for a grand one. Instead, both of us preferred a no-fuss, relaxed celebration for our family members and closer friends. As I have always wanted a garden setting, our boss’ idea of having it in CCAB was an apt choice. Besides, the place was just recently renovated and when we went down for our site visit, we were pleased with what we saw.

So we decided to choose a date for our wedding. Earlier in the year, both of us wanted to travel to London for a conference in Oct and to tour the region for our holidays and when we thought about the timing, we were thinking holding the solemnisation around that period and made the travels as our honeymoon. The timing was just right!

So, with about 2 full months to prepare, we sourced for the vendors, caterer, gown, make-up artist…The contacts just came in through our friends and purely just surfing the Internet. We were able to secure a solemniser, one whom I have always wanted and also went through the pre-marital course. Ken was also baptised before our wedding. All these were really made possible because of the provision of our Lord (we believed).

Here is the list (for my own reference):
Caterer: Desmond @ Stamford
Setting in the garden: Eleanor Yang of Outdoor Wedding Specialist
Make-up artist: Alicia of Artistic (96305301)
Photographer: EK (
Wedding cupcakes: Victoria of Decadence
Gown: Allure Charix
Decoration: Ex-collegues and churchmates. What would I do without them?

They are my very good friends whom I could talk to when I need godly counsel. My maid-of-honour, wedding coordinator and my designer!

Walking down the aisle with the blessings of friends and family members. Totally blessed.

Visit our wedding page

We had our customary wedding on 21 & 23 March 2010. Thought we could do without but the folks at home insisted that we have. =p
Thank God for the celebration and especially the union.

The groom and his brothers had to perform something before ‘receiving’ his bride. 

Then it’s off to Ken’s place for the Tea Ceremony

It’s a tradition to have a bowl of ‘tang yuan’ for the new couple. 

And it’s back to the bride’s place for the Tea Ceremony!

The last part of the wedding would be the dinner. Phew! Almost there!

The toast was the highlight of the dinner.
Happy faces! What we want to see!

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