It’s back to work, and to work with a slight limp.

On Sunday, yours truly fell into the drain and hurt the knee. It was a most classic act. I saw the drain, wanted to cross it. Turned my head to hubs to inform him to cross and before I knew it, the left leg landed itself right into the long kang. The hei bei packet that I was sipping flew and landed on the grass patch, adding flavour to their diet. Of course, the drain was rather deep and imagine a short girl like me in there. In the end, because of the way I landed, the leg was somehow sprained/twisted at the knee.

I could walk still, thankfully but there was a sensation when I tried to stretch it. I couldn’t squat as well. So, here I am, waiting to consult the doctor.

Besides that, I have been looking at the calendar to plan for the customary wedding and also trips for next year. Oh boy, 2010 is gonna be exciting, unpredictable, frustrating, joyous all at the same time.

I ought to be looking forward.