New relationships

It was my first gathering with the gals in CG. After a few months with them, Ken and I decided that we should stay on, not so much that they could meet our needs (of course, in some ways, they can) but more of how we can meet their needs and be a blessing to them.

On that account, I went for dinner to ‘build’ relationship with them and all 9 turned up! It was a good night of feasting, I dare say, healthily and more importantly, getting to know more about them. It was really through such informal setting that more could be shared.

So far so good. =)


@ Ju-ju restaurant @ PoMo
Excellent service and fresh food & presentation.


Ok. So it seems that while I devote the weekends to cooking and baking, I could not spare the time to run. It’s quite depressing and the fact that the body didn’t respond favourably to such a long day didn’t help at all. I sought the help of Nike Challenge and I was nowhere at adherence to the training plan. (red bar is what I have achieved and blue bar what the Nike challenge has set out for me to do) *Cry*

So, the noon run is of importance to me. I’m not sure how to balance training and cooking anymore. I need time to sort things out and I’m sure I can do it. =)

Hubs, help!!!

And so at noon, HP and I went for a long(er) run. I’m supposed to hit 12km and he, 13km. But at 5km, the pain at the abdomen was getting too much and I had to stop. I could almost feel the energy gone from me, as I sat at the edge of the pathway. I knew I was pale and thankfully it was ok again after 5 min. Today was a good example that the body didn’t listen at all to the mind. The legs were way too heavy to go faster and I only managed a 9.3km in the end. The body also refused food and I had to throw half of my cup noodles away (I know I shouldn’t eat junk food!).

I really need to run longer distance now…The legs need conditioning!