The alarm rang at 5am.
“You want to go toilet?  You wanna run?”

I was tired, lazy.
And we missed the morning run again.

So, these days we have been doing noon runs and have come to enjoy them. But, I’m still waiting for my body to get up in the morning so that we could explore more places during our runs.

Let’s just see how.
FY also realised that my runs have gotten shorter.
I’ll be back…=/

Christmas is coming

I count the days to Christmas
and I watch the evening sky.
I want to see the angels
as to Bethlehem they fly.
I’m watching for the wise men
and the royal shining star.
Please may I travel with them?
Is the stable very far?
I count the days to Christmas
as we shop and bake and clean.
The lights and tinsel sparkle,
and yet deep inside I dream
that as we tell the story
of Lord Jesus and his birth,
the things of every day will fade
as heaven comes to earth.

Lois Rock