Thank you my love

A poem by Ken, on my birthday, only read days later ;p

Thank you my love, for your loving care
Your everpresent encouragement
For always being there.
For standing beside me
Through times bad and good
For not leaving me behind you
Even though you could.
Your patience and understanding
Of me all the while
When things don’t go as planned…
Still you put on a smile.
You’re all I ever asked for
All I ever wanted
And now God has decided
My wishes he has granted.
And now I promise you.
You’ll find me to be true.
And I pray to God above
As he showers us with love
That you’ll find that I am to you
All you ever wanted, too.
So let me keep loving you, my wife
Even more than my own life.
Everyday love you you anew
So that you’ll find
That I’m all you ever wanted, too..

Hmm, I don’t understand why he puts full stop at some verse and comma at the others..hmm…anyway…