The old and the new.

My 3oth year has gone and it’s a new year again for me. I had a fantastic start to the 30 club and pray that the following year would be one filled with adventures and hope and joy too.

Looking back, the 30th year saw some great progress, not without the help of so many people:
1. Completed AVIVA HIM, thanks to N and Yellowfish for their training and also colleagues who gave me the motivation to do speed-work which helped me in my run.
2. I got married in a very wonderful way. Ken was God-sent and I had a very happy wedding, thanks to all the friends who helped out and the guests who so willingly wanted to witness the wedding.
3. We had a rested honeymoon. Oh..I so long to go back!
4. I had the opportunity to attend hillsong conference and an encounter with God. What a joy!
5. Got to do triathlons outside Singapore. Yea!

Oh! There were just so many blessings along the way. Wonderful colleagues and friends. Oh man! What more can I ask for?

And so, while we could not complete the marathon, Ken planned a wonderful start of my 31st year with a stay at Link hotel, birthday gift and spa treatment from him and a wonderful meal with my bestest friends!!!

I had too much to eat in the end. Now, I need to go back to exercising. Even my mind is not functioning well now ;p

Magical Christmas in a magical tree
Magical Christmas in a magical tree
@ Link Hotel
Fav brekky @ good o’ market

Spa treatment


In great company