We did not finish. Of course, we didn’t mean it to turn out this way but well, we were just not adequately prepared for it.

Running a marathon is not running a 10km nor even a half marathon which you needn’t train very hard for it (for seasoned runners). It is something different; it requires a lot of hard work and training and discipline.

Do I feel disappointed? Certainly! It’s not a good feeling to have 2 DNFs under your belt in a year! But since the reason for running this marathon has some different meaning to it, not being able to complete is really not THE issue with me. Having hubs safe is.

I could only say that we started off on a faster pace which was not a wise thing to do, really. We were into our 1hr 38min at the 14km mark. It’s a bit fast, I thought and we might not last the distance. And truly, hubs slowed down soon after at a very noticeable slower pace and we had droves of runners passing us. The feeling sucked!

We decided to call it quits at 17km. I was concerned for hubs since it was his first marathon and I just hope that he would emerge stronger after this experience. He has improved so much just this year albe, something that I am absolutely proud of.

I will try again. Not having run the full marathon means I can go back to training hard. No more resting. Suits me just fine.

It’s 10.20am now. I would have completed the run if I had kept to my pace and training. EK just sent a congratulatory note. Nope bro, I didn’t complete but what the heck. It’s nit the end of the world. For now, let’s just enjoy my upcoming Bday.