The Eve…

@ 6.15am | Omg! It’s here! Only hours to go!

Last run before Marathon with BBTC

@ 8.30am | Last run before tomorrow’s marathon.

@11.30am | Studying the route for the race. OMG! It’s damn LONG!


@ 12.30pm | Carbo loading continues

1.30pm onwards | Preparation

See ya tmr!

2 days more

I’m feeling grumpy, bloated, ill-discplined. I was filled with the guilt of the increasing food consumption and in my defense was the need to carbo load. It seemed fine on that note. Just that I was loading the wrong kind of carbo into my system, 50% of the time.

Today, it continued, rather unexpectantly. We were treated to ‘Soon Kueh’ and of course, I could just refrain from taking them but after the first try, it was so appetising that I ate a second piece. So, there and then, I decided not to go for lunch but it was in vain. Ken and I went for pasta and it was marvellicious!

I felt bloated by mid afternoon and rather uncomfortable. In the end, I cancelled my meeting up with the gals. =(

I am so looking forward to the marathon, after which I would not use carbo loading as my excuse.

Actually, it all boils down to temptations and ill-discipline. An hour before this post, I was having a slice of cheesecake and wasabi potato chips while Ken rejected them all.



 Coincidentally, I had the same kind of experience in 2007, around this period, before the marathon.