That’s the spirit!

I’m so thankful that it didn’t rain in the noon time. That’s because all of us could play frisbee!

All the 10 who promised went and ZM too! Today’s attendance was beyond expectation! The weather was perfect and everyone was so encouraging. Good pass! Well done! Good one! Man! It was especially delightful to see the satisfied look on the newcomer’s face when she caught the frisbee. It was a good workout indeed and one that gelled people together.


We all need encouragement now and then. This morning, I saw a package on my table. It must be some work related stuff, I thought. To my pleasant surprise, it was a gift from a colleague whom I have great respect for.

The words from her warmed my heart. I was affirmed on the work done this year when all along, I thought I didn’t do much. Apart from work, something else she wrote spoke to me – continue to remain true to Him and to yourself.