4 more days

D day is approaching! This time round, the excitment differed from 2007. This year, K is going to run the race and being his first and also knowing full well that we did not have good training for it, I decided to run the race together with him. It is significant to me and I want us to reach the finish line TOGETHER. Now I can understand why my sis has always been disapproving my BIL from running marathon. That’s due to the fear that something might happen to our loved ones. I guess that is only one of the reasons why I want to run with K. Not that he is not good but I think  need him to watch out for me lest I experience cramps! =p  I am also going to bring along my phone with me so that I could tweet the process and take pics (if I could actually do that in the end).

Colleagues have been encouraging and concerned. We received two tortoises from ZM last month and they have always been the ones that ‘pushed’ us to train when we got lazy.

And so, the carbo loading continued. Today, it was steamboat! It almost seems like a STB tradition to have such a meal and a really good way to bond with one another as well! It’s no doubt that the friendships that we have with one another would only be for 2 or 3 years. It’s sad and all the more we should treasure one another while we can. These people are really angels…