The battle in the kitchen

Sick and tired of eating out and also to find opportunity to bond with dad, I decided to cook for the men in the family. Why men only and not the woman? Because I know mom wouldn’t want to eat what I cook. Oh well, it’s all right. At least, she won’t meddle in my cooking.

And, I was absolutely wrong!

She started to tell me what to do and was hardly encouraging. I got fed-up and told her that she was none too nurturing at all. My goodness, the tone she used as if she was scolding someone. I just want to cook! Is that a crime? Anyway, I guess my comments got to her and she softened her tone and directed me in a calmer manner. Seizing the opportunity, I asked her questions so that it seemed that I am interested to learn. And I do!

The meal turned out fine, I hope. Dad said it’s nice and Ken liked it. Phew! But this episode has really discouraged me from cooking in her kitchen. It’s her territory. SIAM.

bar chor mee

I think I need to polish up my photography skills.  =p

Lunch @

Watami ION
Oiishi desune.

One more week

A week more to go before the marathon.
I’m getting all the jitters. I’m not running to win so what’s the pressure? Perhaps it’s the knowledge of the distance and the pain that goes with it. Perhaps it’s the fear that I would not complete the race?

But when I thought about how my Lord ‘ran’ His race on earth, I was reminded that there is no turning back. He suffered much yet kept His focus to complete the task set before Him. I know I may not use a good analogy but I only know one thing – I will run the race and I will run it well. I know it may not be easy, knowing full well that I did not train as I ought to. But that should not deter me from running. In any case, it is my ill-discipline and lack of focus that I do not train well for the race.

It will be my last event before I turn a year older. I will run the race. =)

*Lynn, you are very long-winded.

Running to…

” and dar…tmr if either of us keeps the other from running, he/she will be a tortoise and will need to run 2km more the next time”

So today, both of us got up on time and kept our promise to each other. K suggested running to Tampines’ Starbucks to have our brekky (something which I always yearn for) and so this was my motivation.

Almost there!

 The green logo! Here I come! Brekky! 

So, we managed to have my much coveted Starbucks brekky and a run. It was not an easy run. Breathless and tired. It must have been the diet. No more chips, bubble tea and fried stuff! Eradicate all!

and so the feasting season has begun.

WP was finally over and there’s really a cause to call for a celebration! At the end of the session, I was again thankful for the wonderful group of people whom I worked with. I guess I am fortunate to be blessed with good working relationships since I stepped out into the working world. What more can I ask for? =)

And the end of the WP signalled the advent of the feasting season. Ken met up with his uni friends @ Brussel Sprouts and we had a big plate of fries and croquette. It was really too early to carbo load. This morning, we celebrated father’s birthday at Mouth Restaurant and I was glad that the folks loved the food. Of course the little one gave much joy to them too. Off to ZM’s and had a wonderful time of games and catching up. It was such a cozy environment with good company and laughter and games and fruits and choco and karaoke and JJ! Then it was off to Chalk @ Mount Sophia to celebrate EK’s birthday. He didn’t want to meet any gals and so I was privileged to be the one to spend his birthday with him. Really hope that he knows what he wants and that he will be provided with a woman who suits him.

My pants were bursting by the end of the day. And it was only just the beginning… =(

it’s a struggle

KPIs, strategies, LTG, STG…blah blah blah.

How to facilitate when I don’t know much about these things.

But then again, does a facilitator need to have great knowledge about the content in order for him to do a good job? Isn’t it about facilitating dialogues such that understanding can be achieved?

But then again, I was too caught up with trying to understand those terms and how they work together  to facilitate the session.

If I can have a wish, I wish that tomorrow has ended. Like RIGHT NOW!

Mushroom Omelette Soup Vermicelli

The week ended well with the appreciation dinner at the flyer. Good time with colleagues and definitely with the man. While work was not all smooth sailing, at least it was bearable. It’s only about 9 more months left in HQ, might as well give it the best shot and have good memories.

Weekends mean there is a chance for me to cook! Tried the one from Sunday Times but the soup was bland. There was no salt! Anyway, it was fun cooking!


Ahhh…ZM gave me hope. She passed me some info on Harvard Graduate School and looks like I could enrol myself in one of the fall classes. However, I was more interested in the classes offered by Boston College. Sigh! You can’t have it all. Well, at least I could do some study there.

Seems really a long while before we go off but I think I should be doing some background work.

Things to do:
1. Check info on PDL
2. Read up on the courses offered by the different instituitions
3. Read up more on the areas in Boston
4. Check up on Boston Partners in Education

That’s all for now.

Harvard or Boston?

These past 14 years…

14 years ago, this day, she asked Him into her life.

Nothing miraculous happened that moment but in the following years, each day was a miracle in itself.

The teenage girl took on a new life, slowly shedding the shell that so shielded her. She entered into the unknowns, though uncomfortable she might be for she knew He was with her and guiding her. Thus she feared no evil. He is her salvation, her refuge in times of trouble. o

She entered adulthood, battling the challenges faced each day. At times, she wanted to give up yet He didn’t want to let go. She scolded Him, threw His Book away in anger but broke down in tears. She was shattered. How could she do this to Him, He who bore her very sins? That very cold night, she was transformed. She could no longer live in self-pity, denial. She broke free.

He granted her entry into a profession she loved and sent her to a place where she could be His vessel.

He was with her for all her runs, sustained her in all her triathlons and protected her from all the rides.

Into the wilderness she set and found her hearts broken by them. Into her heart she examined and realised only He could fill the void. She entrusted her life to Him again and found freedom since.

And she knew He loved her so and gave her the desires of her heart. She could cry no more but leap for joy. Though the roads ahead were not a bed of roses, she knew for certain that she’s not alone. Come what may, she’s in this journey with Him, till the day comes for her to depart.

Thank You for the past 14 years. It has been good.

My Tribute

How can I say thanks for the things
You have done for me?
Things so undeserved yet you gave
To prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude
All that I am, and ever hope to be
I owe it all to thee


What was I thinking about?

It finally dawned on me that K’s studies next year was an answered prayer of some sorts. Back when I was teaching, I contemplated if there was a chance for teachers to take a break, to relax for a period before coming back to the service. We may not be doing anything pertaining to our professional aka PD but may be pursuing our other passions. When we return to the service, we might find ourselves refreshed?

Currently, what we can do is to take no-pay leave for some valid reasons. I’m not really sure if we could take no-pay leave to rest. But whatever it is, K’s opportunity to study is my opportunity to take a break. And all these while, I have been resisting that idea. Even though I have eventually submitted to that outcome, I still want to find things to do so as to enrich myself in my profession.

It really took the consultation to get it straight to me. Hey, you can take your sabbatical! That is a rare opportunity! Go and pursue your other passions. Go rest.

Oh man! What was I thinking about all these times?


OMG! It has been a week since we last ran! How could this ever happen?

I can only attribute this to pure laziness. Both of us tend to sleep in and schedule the running during evening and by the time work ended, we were too tired to run. I mean, of course, there was workplan and the poor weather as our excuse but really… this should not have happened.

And…I just tried my luck. I signed up for ING NY Marathon for 2010. Erm…my signing up doesn’t guarantee me a place as I signed up through the lottery system. Whether or not I go in will depends on the results to be released in March. In any case, the man better get a place in Boston and not the other instituition in Canada.

Fingers crossed.


I love my colleagues…

… to bits.


Life is wonderful because of these people. Two of them are my closer ones with one exiting soon. What would life at work be without them? Oh! Cannot imagine! But while I am still there, I really need to think positive. Too many ill thoughts do not help at all. Must look to M, ZM, KL, HP as my role models. And of course K too who always serves as my pillar of strength and source of comfort and encouragement every day.


Thank you, dear Lord.

In times like this, the mochi ice-cream does wonders to the soul.
TY for being so encouraging and offering a listening ear.



So tired…

But worth it.

The leader, wanting to get in touch with the ‘ground’.

The teachers, eagerly seeking to share their expertise and resources.

It’s good to be around them.

It makes me want to go back and teach.


Monday’s really blue

What’s wrong with this Monday in particular. It was extremely down. Few smiles, no joy.

What’s wrong?

God, grant me strength to go through this week.

Why do the weekends pass so quickly? May I have more?

It’s Sunday and in a few hours’ time, it’s work again. I’m not sure if I am dreading it but I was not looking forward to it eagerly.

The weekends started off with supermarketing at Woodlands again for the Japanese fair at Leong’s Jardin. We had to make a video on how to use the toy sushi maker that Sha bought for the kiddos. It was a nice lunch and had a good time filming and figuring out how to use the toy. I say, just use the sushi mat! The toy is just so difficult to use! But JH saved the day and well, hopefully the kiddos would understand and have fun when they received the gift from Auntie Sha.



We had a most wonderful night with Fuji and family. They have moved into a new place and we were just amazed by the testimonies they shared about the purchase of the house. It was a nice cosy place, with starbucks mugs and aprons and…(ok. Starbucks is not the main topic here). But we experienced God’s love in this family and seeing the well-mannered kiddos made me want to have my own children too. They have taught the children to have the right values and seeing how they well they behaved encouraged me a lot. Oh God! How I enjoyed their company…and the kids!

Ken asked me at the end of the day, “Why do you want to move out of the CG (apparently impressed by the Godly family)?”



It’s a difficult decision I have made. Perhaps it’s time to give back? Perhaps in the new CG we are in?


am too naive.
trust people too easily.
cannot argue my way through.
get exasperated when talking to the tall man.

am thankful for the man who didn’t gel his hair ;p
am glad that I buay tah han and shared with her.
am so sad that I nearly choked myself with tears.

felt encouraged whenever my favourite man chairs the meeting.
am optimistic that I would get more guidance in my work come next year.
was ministered by Him when I went running with him.

will not give up.


fallen prey…

What is it about Starbucks that is so enticing?

Is it the coffee beans? The colour scheme? The experience of holding the cup in the hands?

I can’t fathom. All I know is that somehow it has that kind of power to make me part with my cash when I see some familiar pic.


Entered That CD Store and browsed aimlessly until my eyes caught sight of something. She was holding that familiar cup and the picture was exactly whereI wanted to be at that point in time. It seemed to be a pic of her in a train station, looking for someone with the cuppa in her hand.

I bought it, err..nope, Ken bought it for me. ;p I suspect I didn’t buy it for her songs; I bought it for the pic. As Ken rightfully said it, marketeers love such customers to bits.

How I wish I could be away from work. With a cuppa and a book, leave me alone and let me be in my own world.