The Holy Matrimony

It was wonderful. No fuss, no stress. And exactly the way I wanted it. The Lord must have known all these (but of course!).

On the eve itself, sms from JH @ 10:06pm – Hey sis, your decor is all done and is pretty. Your teacher friends are all so creative. Have an early night. See you tml. With that, I turned in, knowing full well, it would be a job well-done. I’ve worked with them; I know their standard. =)





Woke up as usual and Ken came over to help me load things onto the car and we moved off together. When we reached CCAB, what greeted me was that one tree with fallen white flowers and still having those on the branches. One of its kind there, it seems that it is blossoming just for our wedding. Beautiful! (I realised later that along the streets were trees like that :p. Oh well!)

I was overjoyed when I saw the decor. I love it. It was really what I wanted. And then the make-up artist came. I was extremely pleased with the result. It was natural the way I want it and it really transformed me totally. Whoah! The power of make-up! Thanks ZM for your recommendation!

Finally,the time has come. Went through the ceremony like a breeze. Thank God for the wonderful weather. The day before, I was half-afraid that it would rain but…He chose to withhold the rain! PTL! The man sang me a song and I was caught off-guard. Nice singing though. I always thought that he has a wonderful voice (must boost his ego a bit).



After the ceremony, we went to spend the weekends at Ritz Cartlon, compliments of colleagues. Oh thank you so much! We really need some time alone!

It was a great day. I enjoyed it very much. The helpers have been a wonderful bunch of people. I was practically smiling the whole day; there’s really nothing to worry about. They were an excellent group of talented people! So much to say but whoah….this is really my dream wedding!

Thank you people!

Above all, thank you God. You have really granted the desires of my heart.


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