PMC #1

We had our first session of the Pre-Marital Course yesterday. I was glad that the session clarified the roles of a man. Overwhelming it may sound, I feel men shoud know these. Many a time, in our society (increasingly so), the roles were reversed and we see a lot of broken marriages. The greatest guidance is from the Word and I am determined that He continues to guide us.

Pastor Jeff talked about the number of times we quarrelled and the period we needed to resolve issues. AT a scale of 0 to 10 , we assessed ourselves to be between 0 and 1 and we always resolve any issues within the day. Yah, we hardly quarrel. The few times (3 to be precise, I think) were due to misinterpretation of each other’s intention and difference in expectations. Ken has always reminded me that we should resolve issues asap and we always talk it through within that day. It has been one of our guiding principles in our relationship.

I believe spending time with Ken helps a lot in our relationship. We spend 24/7, 18 hours a day together. This enables us to know each other a lot more in a short span of time. We have the privilege of seeing each other at work, how we treat others and our views on issues. On quite a few instances, we think alike without us articulating it. So I say, gfs, pls try to understand if our time with you has turned curtly short. =p

I’m thankful Ken has grown in his faith in the Lord. It makes things easier, so much easier than in the beginning. Now, I think I must do some ‘catch-up’ work.

Thank you God, for everything.

Mood: Loved.

Something to note (for myself)
We didn’t bring any writing material yesterday and thought, “Cham…how to write notes…”
Then I bent down and saw…. a pencil!
Wah…God provided… even a pencil…
And Ken wrote in his book ‘God provides’. I, being cheeky, added ‘pencil’ and Ken, being ever so serious, struck out my word and added ‘everything we need!”

Ya… need to be reminded. God provides everything…even the pencil. =p