There is hope

I am thankful for 280709.

It’s a day which I found hope admist the continual news of teachers quitting and lamenting.

Visited the school and conversed with the school leaders and I was immensely encouraged by the session. A leader should be like him. He keeps himself abreast in educational development, understands the concerns of teachers and uses information (in right amount) to reach out to them. He understands human thought and behaviour and implement measures progressively, while setting and communicate the standards. He walks the talk and it’s a no wonder why the teachers are happy in the school.

Having done his stint in HQ, he understands how policies are made and where the senior management is coming from. Though smart and having achieved much, he stays humble and is always willing to learn and improve.

I left the school, full of hope. There are principals like him around. I just hope he will not be seconded to HQ again. Role-models like him need to be found on the ground. How else would the teachers find hope?

He gave me the drive to work again. =)