All in a day

We agreed to run at least 12km today in preparation for the half marathon in a few weeks’ time. I was rather apprehensive for Ken as he has not run more than 10km before. I know that we should not increase more than 10% of the distance previously run for fear of injuries. But we went ahead with it still =(

It was a slow but steady run. When he completed the run, he looked as if he has run the entire half-marathon. The legs wobbly (from what I saw) and the tiredness that was manifested so clearly.

After brekky and a visit to his aunt to inform her about our upcoming wedding, we went Ion to have a look and also to search for his suit. He has given up on mandarin collar suit. Phew! Visited Muji first which I quite like it. We then popped by NET and they were having sale (very worth it). Somehow, the suit didn’t give a wow feeling as compared to Muji but in the end that was purchased.

The man was just so tired throughout the shopping and I, my feet were sore from wearing the shoes (give me slippers!). It was tiring shopping. I don’t remember being so tired from running or cycling. We persisted and bought my sandals for the gown and we KO on the bus.

Running and shopping cannot exist together.