We attended a financial talk yesterday by this brother from church. Tired as may be, I was kept awake by the wonder of where my money had gone to. OK, I don’t keep track of my expenses and that is a great loophole.

We agreed on combining our income and having one account. To see that we let our finances work for us, we need to work out our sums and agree to be debt-free as soon as possible. Fine by me actually.

So, now, we need to pen down our daily expenses for at least 3 months and to do our budget.

Ken was suggesting that we do without a car if we were to survive on one income (according to the principle). It was a pain indeed for me, at least. I have been driving for about a decade, being so mobile. To do without a car needs a lot of adjustment. Maybe I should start with cycling? =)

And when I reached home, I saw a parcel on my table. Oh dear! I don’t think I did any online shopping recently. Have I forgotten that I have purchased anything? Cannot be right???

And when I opened it, I smiled. From dear Dom again! Think they are aprons. Have not untied them. Shall get both Ken and I to wear and pose for you, Dom! Thank you! I sure will cook!