One week on…

Almost one week since PD Tri and the wheels are still not attached back to the frame. No time to ride, no time to do a good run.


Just signed up for marathon…This should be a good motivation. ;p
And K has also signed up for the full. I love such attitude! Never attempted before but still go ahead! You’ll survive..

Fruitful day

Took half day leave to settle details with ZM and to look for gown and suit. I had a picture of what I wantP1000071ed in mind and consulted them. In my frust, I seemed to have been too quick with my tongue. If I have offended anyone, pls do accept my apology! This is ‘mind going too fast and tongue too’.

Having settled that, we went to look for gown and suit. Went to the one ZM recommended. The tailor, having seen the pics of the design I wanted, drew one for me. I quite like it for its elegance and simplicity. However, when the price was quoted, I knew it may not be possible to own it. It’s way above our original budget.

We scouted around and looked at more design. I was getting lethargic and bored with the designs already. Wanted to give up and just buy the cheongsam I saw the other day but my two gfs did not. We eventually went to Allure and saw one simple gown. On Sha’s encouragement, I tried on and hey, I got the ‘wow’ feeling.

Didn’t bother to look for others. I was bored and I quite like the gown. Don’t think I would want to spend so much time looking for a ‘perfect’ gown (if there is indeed one on earth). I’m happy with the purchase and had a wonderful time. Sha! You really lived up to your name and also your promise of looking for THE gown. Thank you so much!

Sept…please come quickly.