These days, what filled my mind were wedding plans, training programme (gotta take a step back), planning of honeymoon aka E. trip (so weird to term it this way) and what I wanna do when I go over to the other side of the world.

Thankfully ZM was so willing to help out and I’m really gonna pass everything to her by this week. I wash my hands off; I so wanted to. Let this day pass quickly. It’s such a pain. But at the same time I hope it will be a wonderful day. =)

Training has to take a seat back for fear of any injuries incurred. But exercise still has to go on!

Oh! The planning of the trip. By now, I should book train tix, shows (think Les Mes, Moulin Rogue and the like) and acc. Stressed! Still need to think about the itinerary. I felt like I am doing some project work in school. hah!

And the thought of going away next year and doing nothing scares me. I better be intentional about it and find things to do. These are some…
1. Enrol in short academic courses @ Ken’s choiced college
2. Teach?
3. Train for marathon or triathlon there? Siao…full time ah?
4. Do volunteer work (but do what ah?)
5. Enrol in Le Cordon Bleu Schools (I like)
6. Self-learn cooking (possible)

I think cooking is top of my list. Must diversify and also find my niche. =)
What do you think?