I enjoyed the Port Dickson Triathlon!

Don’t get me wrong. There wasn’t any good timing. In fact, it was bad, thanks to so little training but as I have already told myself to just aim to have fun, I really had!

I guess this time round, there was company compared to the so many times when I had to do alone. The company was great, if not, crazy. Drove in and my heart was in the mouth. They were driving so fast and my car did not really have the power! If I should have any cardiac arrest, it would not be from sports, it was the speed at which they drove and the concern for my passengers. Thank God, we arrived safely after about 3.5 hours.

The Sat pretty much was about preparing ourselves, YY sleeping most of the time ;p, taking photos of participants, eating and more eating. The carbo-loading dinner was good, totally enjoyed the spread of food.


Sun. Our race. The sea was unclear, much like Singapore’s (but no jellyfish!). It was rather rough (but YY commented it was normal!!), esp in the swimming back to the shore. As usual, my sighting was damn poor and swam soooo far off (really very far) and then wasted time again to swim back. My gosh! Anyway, since I have prep myself that it was not a race, I took it real easy. When I came out of the water, it was already 47 min. My gosh..BAD!

The bike leg. I learnt the lesson of never underestimate training. Had only used my new bike thrice and did not really train in it. So when I attempted to switch Bravo, the chain came off. Well done man. Fixed it and then lost momentum, it’s cruising time. Vic went by, EJ and then Genevieve! Then I realised that I was really cruising and picked up my speed. By then it was a bit late…oh, never mind. No stress, have fun =)

Transition. I couldn’t find my bike slot and spent time looking for it. Mabel guided me (thanks!) and went off. Thanks to all the moening and afternoon run, the last leg was the best that I have attempted for the past few tris. There was muscle cramp initially but I just want to continue and ran on. I felt strong and wanted to finish with a smile and I did! Saw many YF people too and the encouragement received was great!

And so, of course, some of YF people were among the top 10 winners (how I miss training with you guys, the laughter and siao siao coach). I thought Maia could be top few if she really trains for it. She has got so much potential.

Overall, I enjoyed the tri. It feels good having no expectation and just do your own race. The organiser was thoughtful and ensured that it ran smoothly. It did and they deserved praises!

Now, awaiting fotos from Gen and YY.