Over MSN with M.

M: Heard you’ll not be going back to HWS?
L: Ya. Will go off from Singapore for a year for his studies.
M: Good!
L: But I tell you. I really want to go back to sch….
M: You must be crazy…

o_O Is it really that bad??? 100% of the response I got was that I was ‘siao’ to want to do so.

Think I was placed in the faster group of the O. run team. 5km is like a sprint to me and I cannot sprint. Better train for it. And why the cramp or stitch every time I run nowadays??? What’s up man?

Had Ultimate Frisbee today during lunch time and it was good! AS usual, stitch! But it was really fun to play with Bern and LL. They are good! I better brush up on my throwing and catching…I seriously cannot make it for games…Aw tah.