These few days

On Fri
– We had meeting again with boss as a team. Work is going to start rolling.
– Boss treated us to lunch @ Dozo. It was absolutely delectable and I simply adored the mushroom soup. ZM readily agreed to be our wedding co-ordinator. Thanks in advance!
– Met up with Sha for a drink @ The Vista Bistro. I like the ambience. Simple, near to the sea and it gives a very relaxing feel. The live band after 8.30pm was good.

On Sat
– K and I went for our usual ‘long’ run although I feel we need to step up on the milege. After the run, I was contemplating on what to have for breakfast and thought of Mac. So asked K and he gave a laugh before disclosing it after my pressing. It was Mac too! You know, we do think alike. K managed to manage my fears, doubts and expectations about work yet again.
– Visited a few homes at Simei but none too pleased with it.
– Cooked fried rice for K’s family for dinner. Totally enjoyed it and I think it went well.

On Sun
– K shared with me about a thought he had while listening to the message. I had the same idea too when I was in my previous church…=) same thinking…
– Went to view some homes @ Punggol and we basically shared the same thoughts on the two units. It’s such a wonderful thing to share the same views with your partner. =) I love the first and the third unit. The first one is near Mel’s place and the area is going to be developed into a water sports place. Need no major renovation. We could live with it until we return in 2011. The other unit, I love it. It’s like love at first sight. The decor was to my liking, simple and yet classy and stylish at the same time. I like how the kitchen is set up. K likes it too. Problem is it is near to a school and knowing the many rings it could have during the day, this is seriously one major consideration. But on the hindsight, being located near to the school means that there is a good supply of customers in case I need to change my job in the future ;p. The area has got potential to develop into a hub of some sorts, much like Tampines… got potential.