We finally hit the pool yesterday morning and boy, how long have I not been training? As I am not going for Desaru Tri anymore, I will not be continuing my swim class. It will be difficult to improve in that sports when you are left on your own unless you have the discipline to train on your own (hard..hard). Have not been training in the other aspects too and PD tri is just one week away. Haiz..don’t know if I can survive. I’d just enjoy myself then. (I think I worry too much; am more of a worrier than a warrior).

Solemniser has not given us the reply to our preferred wedding date and I worry again. K and I also toyed with the idea of forgoing our HK trip because a change in the flight would cause more money and if we are not going in the end, K could go for his baptism. I thought of H1N1. As HP has always reminded me, he could not afford to fall ill or contract any of this because of his son. I don’t mind not going but when I think about the amount poured in for forgoing Desaru Tri and HK, it kinda pains. But oh well, you cannot have everything in life and sometimes, something;’gotta give. Anyway, might as well. Could save the leave for SH to visit brother and of cos, enjoy the free ticket that his company gives to immediate family members. ;p

Sometimes, I just wish getting married can be easier. What a bother!