PMC #1

We had our first session of the Pre-Marital Course yesterday. I was glad that the session clarified the roles of a man. Overwhelming it may sound, I feel men shoud know these. Many a time, in our society (increasingly so), the roles were reversed and we see a lot of broken marriages. The greatest guidance is from the Word and I am determined that He continues to guide us.

Pastor Jeff talked about the number of times we quarrelled and the period we needed to resolve issues. AT a scale of 0 to 10 , we assessed ourselves to be between 0 and 1 and we always resolve any issues within the day. Yah, we hardly quarrel. The few times (3 to be precise, I think) were due to misinterpretation of each other’s intention and difference in expectations. Ken has always reminded me that we should resolve issues asap and we always talk it through within that day. It has been one of our guiding principles in our relationship.

I believe spending time with Ken helps a lot in our relationship. We spend 24/7, 18 hours a day together. This enables us to know each other a lot more in a short span of time. We have the privilege of seeing each other at work, how we treat others and our views on issues. On quite a few instances, we think alike without us articulating it. So I say, gfs, pls try to understand if our time with you has turned curtly short. =p

I’m thankful Ken has grown in his faith in the Lord. It makes things easier, so much easier than in the beginning. Now, I think I must do some ‘catch-up’ work.

Thank you God, for everything.

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Something to note (for myself)
We didn’t bring any writing material yesterday and thought, “Cham…how to write notes…”
Then I bent down and saw…. a pencil!
Wah…God provided… even a pencil…
And Ken wrote in his book ‘God provides’. I, being cheeky, added ‘pencil’ and Ken, being ever so serious, struck out my word and added ‘everything we need!”

Ya… need to be reminded. God provides everything…even the pencil. =p


There is hope

I am thankful for 280709.

It’s a day which I found hope admist the continual news of teachers quitting and lamenting.

Visited the school and conversed with the school leaders and I was immensely encouraged by the session. A leader should be like him. He keeps himself abreast in educational development, understands the concerns of teachers and uses information (in right amount) to reach out to them. He understands human thought and behaviour and implement measures progressively, while setting and communicate the standards. He walks the talk and it’s a no wonder why the teachers are happy in the school.

Having done his stint in HQ, he understands how policies are made and where the senior management is coming from. Though smart and having achieved much, he stays humble and is always willing to learn and improve.

I left the school, full of hope. There are principals like him around. I just hope he will not be seconded to HQ again. Role-models like him need to be found on the ground. How else would the teachers find hope?

He gave me the drive to work again. =)

Wedding invite


Our apologies if we can’t invite all as the place is small. Visit our website and write a note or two on the guestbook!

All in a day

We agreed to run at least 12km today in preparation for the half marathon in a few weeks’ time. I was rather apprehensive for Ken as he has not run more than 10km before. I know that we should not increase more than 10% of the distance previously run for fear of injuries. But we went ahead with it still =(

It was a slow but steady run. When he completed the run, he looked as if he has run the entire half-marathon. The legs wobbly (from what I saw) and the tiredness that was manifested so clearly.

After brekky and a visit to his aunt to inform her about our upcoming wedding, we went Ion to have a look and also to search for his suit. He has given up on mandarin collar suit. Phew! Visited Muji first which I quite like it. We then popped by NET and they were having sale (very worth it). Somehow, the suit didn’t give a wow feeling as compared to Muji but in the end that was purchased.

The man was just so tired throughout the shopping and I, my feet were sore from wearing the shoes (give me slippers!). It was tiring shopping. I don’t remember being so tired from running or cycling. We persisted and bought my sandals for the gown and we KO on the bus.

Running and shopping cannot exist together.



We attended a financial talk yesterday by this brother from church. Tired as may be, I was kept awake by the wonder of where my money had gone to. OK, I don’t keep track of my expenses and that is a great loophole.

We agreed on combining our income and having one account. To see that we let our finances work for us, we need to work out our sums and agree to be debt-free as soon as possible. Fine by me actually.

So, now, we need to pen down our daily expenses for at least 3 months and to do our budget.

Ken was suggesting that we do without a car if we were to survive on one income (according to the principle). It was a pain indeed for me, at least. I have been driving for about a decade, being so mobile. To do without a car needs a lot of adjustment. Maybe I should start with cycling? =)

And when I reached home, I saw a parcel on my table. Oh dear! I don’t think I did any online shopping recently. Have I forgotten that I have purchased anything? Cannot be right???

And when I opened it, I smiled. From dear Dom again! Think they are aprons. Have not untied them. Shall get both Ken and I to wear and pose for you, Dom! Thank you! I sure will cook!





K’s sis kindly took our photos on Sunday and I was pleased with what I saw. Turned out beautiful but lo and behold, something startled me. My crow’s feet is very visible! omg! This is the result of not putting on Sunscreen while exercising under the sun. Oh my! Oh my! Looks rather awful…=(


One week on…

Almost one week since PD Tri and the wheels are still not attached back to the frame. No time to ride, no time to do a good run.


Just signed up for marathon…This should be a good motivation. ;p
And K has also signed up for the full. I love such attitude! Never attempted before but still go ahead! You’ll survive..

Fruitful day

Took half day leave to settle details with ZM and to look for gown and suit. I had a picture of what I wantP1000071ed in mind and consulted them. In my frust, I seemed to have been too quick with my tongue. If I have offended anyone, pls do accept my apology! This is ‘mind going too fast and tongue too’.

Having settled that, we went to look for gown and suit. Went to the one ZM recommended. The tailor, having seen the pics of the design I wanted, drew one for me. I quite like it for its elegance and simplicity. However, when the price was quoted, I knew it may not be possible to own it. It’s way above our original budget.

We scouted around and looked at more design. I was getting lethargic and bored with the designs already. Wanted to give up and just buy the cheongsam I saw the other day but my two gfs did not. We eventually went to Allure and saw one simple gown. On Sha’s encouragement, I tried on and hey, I got the ‘wow’ feeling.

Didn’t bother to look for others. I was bored and I quite like the gown. Don’t think I would want to spend so much time looking for a ‘perfect’ gown (if there is indeed one on earth). I’m happy with the purchase and had a wonderful time. Sha! You really lived up to your name and also your promise of looking for THE gown. Thank you so much!

Sept…please come quickly.

These days, what filled my mind were wedding plans, training programme (gotta take a step back), planning of honeymoon aka E. trip (so weird to term it this way) and what I wanna do when I go over to the other side of the world.

Thankfully ZM was so willing to help out and I’m really gonna pass everything to her by this week. I wash my hands off; I so wanted to. Let this day pass quickly. It’s such a pain. But at the same time I hope it will be a wonderful day. =)

Training has to take a seat back for fear of any injuries incurred. But exercise still has to go on!

Oh! The planning of the trip. By now, I should book train tix, shows (think Les Mes, Moulin Rogue and the like) and acc. Stressed! Still need to think about the itinerary. I felt like I am doing some project work in school. hah!

And the thought of going away next year and doing nothing scares me. I better be intentional about it and find things to do. These are some…
1. Enrol in short academic courses @ Ken’s choiced college
2. Teach?
3. Train for marathon or triathlon there? Siao…full time ah?
4. Do volunteer work (but do what ah?)
5. Enrol in Le Cordon Bleu Schools (I like)
6. Self-learn cooking (possible)

I think cooking is top of my list. Must diversify and also find my niche. =)
What do you think?



I enjoyed the Port Dickson Triathlon!

Don’t get me wrong. There wasn’t any good timing. In fact, it was bad, thanks to so little training but as I have already told myself to just aim to have fun, I really had!

I guess this time round, there was company compared to the so many times when I had to do alone. The company was great, if not, crazy. Drove in and my heart was in the mouth. They were driving so fast and my car did not really have the power! If I should have any cardiac arrest, it would not be from sports, it was the speed at which they drove and the concern for my passengers. Thank God, we arrived safely after about 3.5 hours.

The Sat pretty much was about preparing ourselves, YY sleeping most of the time ;p, taking photos of participants, eating and more eating. The carbo-loading dinner was good, totally enjoyed the spread of food.


Sun. Our race. The sea was unclear, much like Singapore’s (but no jellyfish!). It was rather rough (but YY commented it was normal!!), esp in the swimming back to the shore. As usual, my sighting was damn poor and swam soooo far off (really very far) and then wasted time again to swim back. My gosh! Anyway, since I have prep myself that it was not a race, I took it real easy. When I came out of the water, it was already 47 min. My gosh..BAD!

The bike leg. I learnt the lesson of never underestimate training. Had only used my new bike thrice and did not really train in it. So when I attempted to switch Bravo, the chain came off. Well done man. Fixed it and then lost momentum, it’s cruising time. Vic went by, EJ and then Genevieve! Then I realised that I was really cruising and picked up my speed. By then it was a bit late…oh, never mind. No stress, have fun =)

Transition. I couldn’t find my bike slot and spent time looking for it. Mabel guided me (thanks!) and went off. Thanks to all the moening and afternoon run, the last leg was the best that I have attempted for the past few tris. There was muscle cramp initially but I just want to continue and ran on. I felt strong and wanted to finish with a smile and I did! Saw many YF people too and the encouragement received was great!

And so, of course, some of YF people were among the top 10 winners (how I miss training with you guys, the laughter and siao siao coach). I thought Maia could be top few if she really trains for it. She has got so much potential.

Overall, I enjoyed the tri. It feels good having no expectation and just do your own race. The organiser was thoughtful and ensured that it ran smoothly. It did and they deserved praises!

Now, awaiting fotos from Gen and YY.


Over MSN with M.

M: Heard you’ll not be going back to HWS?
L: Ya. Will go off from Singapore for a year for his studies.
M: Good!
L: But I tell you. I really want to go back to sch….
M: You must be crazy…

o_O Is it really that bad??? 100% of the response I got was that I was ‘siao’ to want to do so.

Think I was placed in the faster group of the O. run team. 5km is like a sprint to me and I cannot sprint. Better train for it. And why the cramp or stitch every time I run nowadays??? What’s up man?

Had Ultimate Frisbee today during lunch time and it was good! AS usual, stitch! But it was really fun to play with Bern and LL. They are good! I better brush up on my throwing and catching…I seriously cannot make it for games…Aw tah.

I finally went to get my root canal treatment done and what a difference a dentist makes.

I was greeted by polite nurses and did not have to wait long for my turn. The dentist was a chirpy man and put me at ease immediately. The computer screen briefed me on what a root canal was and he assured me that it was gonna be all right.

Chatted with me about being a teacher after knowing I am one and shared about how his friends were complaining and quitting the service. =( “If the job is really good, not that many will quit.” I also know. He must have loved his job, judging by how cheerful he is and his skills. He made it seem so painless and forgettable. I don’t mind paying more for less pain and fear. ;p

We went to view more flats and did our second viewing on the one that we had eyed. The more I stayed in there, the more I like it. I like the kitchen and the living room. Could it be the glass door? Could it be the simplicity of it? But above all, I love the fact that we do not have to do any renovation!

what are you looking at?

what are you looking at?

Hmm…more to view but I think my heart lies with that unit.

The Wedding Plan

Got these from FB. ;p

1. how old are you? know…age is super sensitive to a lady. Ok..ok…30.

2. are you single?

3. at what age do you think you’ll get married?

4. do you think you’ll marrying the person you are with now?
Yes, most definitely

5. if not, who do you want to marry?

6. who will be your bridesmaid & bestman?
Best man must ask K. Sharon would most prob be my bridesmaid.

7. do you want a garden/beach or traditional wedding?
Garden…in the planning stage.

8. where do you plan to go on honeymoon?

9. how many guests do you think you’ll invite?
around 80 to 100

10. will that include your exes?

11. how many layers of cake do you want?
I don’t know if I want cake….Vic…you want to bake?

12. when do you want to get married, morning or evening?
morning ?

13. name the song/tune you’d like to play at your wedding.
Canon in D….and then some jazzy stuff.

14. do you prefer fine dining or just normal spoon & fork? knife?
Normal fork and fork…knife…chopsticks

15. champagne or red wine?
Red wine pls
16. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
a few days after

17. money or household items

18. how many kids would you like to have?
2 pls

19. will you record your honeymoon in DVD/CD?

20. whose wedding plan would you like to know next?

These few days

On Fri
– We had meeting again with boss as a team. Work is going to start rolling.
– Boss treated us to lunch @ Dozo. It was absolutely delectable and I simply adored the mushroom soup. ZM readily agreed to be our wedding co-ordinator. Thanks in advance!
– Met up with Sha for a drink @ The Vista Bistro. I like the ambience. Simple, near to the sea and it gives a very relaxing feel. The live band after 8.30pm was good.

On Sat
– K and I went for our usual ‘long’ run although I feel we need to step up on the milege. After the run, I was contemplating on what to have for breakfast and thought of Mac. So asked K and he gave a laugh before disclosing it after my pressing. It was Mac too! You know, we do think alike. K managed to manage my fears, doubts and expectations about work yet again.
– Visited a few homes at Simei but none too pleased with it.
– Cooked fried rice for K’s family for dinner. Totally enjoyed it and I think it went well.

On Sun
– K shared with me about a thought he had while listening to the message. I had the same idea too when I was in my previous church…=) same thinking…
– Went to view some homes @ Punggol and we basically shared the same thoughts on the two units. It’s such a wonderful thing to share the same views with your partner. =) I love the first and the third unit. The first one is near Mel’s place and the area is going to be developed into a water sports place. Need no major renovation. We could live with it until we return in 2011. The other unit, I love it. It’s like love at first sight. The decor was to my liking, simple and yet classy and stylish at the same time. I like how the kitchen is set up. K likes it too. Problem is it is near to a school and knowing the many rings it could have during the day, this is seriously one major consideration. But on the hindsight, being located near to the school means that there is a good supply of customers in case I need to change my job in the future ;p. The area has got potential to develop into a hub of some sorts, much like Tampines… got potential.

counting blessings

Another step taken. Pre-marital healthscreen @ Raffles. The setting was nice, as if we were going for a spa but…the nurse was quite incomprehensible. I couldn’t understand their accent and I thought I was the only one but K felt the same way too. ;p

After that when I checked the email, I was elated! Elder Jeff Goh is able to solemnise us! What I wanted! I attended a talk by him when I was a very young teacher and he really could make me laugh and yet at the same time, impact me with his words. Woohoo! Thank God!

So now, we could proceed to the next step. What an adventure!

something 4 my colleagues

something 4 my colleagues

We finally hit the pool yesterday morning and boy, how long have I not been training? As I am not going for Desaru Tri anymore, I will not be continuing my swim class. It will be difficult to improve in that sports when you are left on your own unless you have the discipline to train on your own (hard..hard). Have not been training in the other aspects too and PD tri is just one week away. Haiz..don’t know if I can survive. I’d just enjoy myself then. (I think I worry too much; am more of a worrier than a warrior).

Solemniser has not given us the reply to our preferred wedding date and I worry again. K and I also toyed with the idea of forgoing our HK trip because a change in the flight would cause more money and if we are not going in the end, K could go for his baptism. I thought of H1N1. As HP has always reminded me, he could not afford to fall ill or contract any of this because of his son. I don’t mind not going but when I think about the amount poured in for forgoing Desaru Tri and HK, it kinda pains. But oh well, you cannot have everything in life and sometimes, something;’gotta give. Anyway, might as well. Could save the leave for SH to visit brother and of cos, enjoy the free ticket that his company gives to immediate family members. ;p

Sometimes, I just wish getting married can be easier. What a bother!