I feel alive…again!

It was just another ordinary day but it turned out to be a GREAT one. =)

I think the euphoria came during the noon run in the Botanic Gardens. Upon reaching the workplace, the many emails that came in encouraged me. They were happy about the courses, good feedback, I got things done, received the due reply and made suggestions.

In the midst of it all, a sudden thought came to me to encourage the branch as well. It was something that I did / happened to me when I was in CCC and YF. The amount of encouragement given to one another was immense. It was so healthy and I want to see this happening in my workplace. I hope to get it done this Friday. Taking small steps, that’s what it’s gonna be.

On the way to WM’s, ideas about the structure of the solemnisation flooded my mind. I was most excited about the part which we appreciate our parents and guests. Yea, the wedding may be about us but it is also about the people who have played a part in our lives! OH! I’m so excited! Even the words to appreciate my parents kept filling my mind =) But I would need someone to translate (think ZM).

And on the way home, a thought just came to me to call my dad to check if he has completed his dialysis. I called, he had just finished his course. Yahoo! I could send him home! I considered it a blessing really. It may be nothing to many people but to be able to have the opportunity to send him home, to serve him is indeed a joy! Thank God!

It’s been a long time since I have this joy, that kind of excitement when ideas just came in. I had such moments when I was teaching but lately, such experiences were rare.

I know life is not a bed of roses; it has its fair share of pain. Just now, boss was telling me that personnel may not release me to go off with Ken; my reason is not valid enough. There are many things still pending. I don’t know about tomorrow but all I know is that through this period of uncertainties, I can depend on the Most High, that He will go through each step with us. It is indeed exciting, an adventure indeed. I am counting my blessing, every small and big ones.

I thank God. I couldn’t thank Him more. You made me cry again =) I’m so thankful You are in my life.

Mood: Peaceful
Listening to: David Tao