We went down to our choiced solemnisation venue and took a look. Hmm…I roughly have the idea of how it is going to be conducted. Just pray that it won’t rain on that day. Everything should be hassle-free, simple and yet enjoyable.

Some of our dates clashed with those for PMC. Headache! Don’t know if there are alternatives.
And nope. Pastor advised us to look at our planning from our end and see if we can do anything about it. I was saddened by this. K and I came to a conclusion that we would cancel/postpone our trips for the PMC since the latter is more important to us. Thus, we decided to forgo Desaru LD triathlon and had to postpone our flight out to HK.

I was getting edgy about things but the man was so positive. See it this way. We can see how each other works under problems like this.

It’s just such a pain to plan for all these. =(

I need a wedding co-ordinator!


A few asked me what I intend to do when we go off next year. I don’t know. Tai Tai? I cannot be. Tai Tai conjures an image of a dolled-up lady dressed resplendently, spending her time at the mahjong table or at high-tea ;p Sorry, no such thing. We are poor people over there and tai tai doesn’t suit me (or the other way round). There are a few suggestions – help in some research work, study a short course (PDL), do a work attachment, train for runs or triathlons, go for cooking classes, teach…