tis 1/2 year

June is almost coming to an end and we are going into another half a year.

It has been good. Oh no, that won’t do justice. It has been terrific! There have only been good things happening for the past six months. Looking back, I can only thank the good Lord.

Initially, my goals for the first half year were mostly about races, one of which was to complete Aviva 70.3 in good time and strongly. N trained me and I was able to achieve that. I attributed my ‘success’ to her, really. She was the one who pushed me to excel. It is also from her that I learne much more about sports in general.

Aviva HIM

Aviva HIM

Along the way, someone came into my life who boldly approached me in an old-fashioned way and swept my feet off by his character and words. This was indeed a whirlwind romance. We spent 7 days a week together, from the time we got up and set off for exercise in the morning at 6.30am to about 10pm at night. Imagine the amount of conversation that went through. A good thing was the fact that we were placed in the same project since last year till now, and that made observation of each other possible . We were hardly apart for 2 consecutive days except for the time when he was in Phoenix for the study trip in Feb. It has been wonderful. Thank you for sharing your life with me, my exercise-mate, my concert companion, my confidant and my pillar. I can say a lot of stuff but I think not, at this platform ;p

@ Bintan

@ Bintan

Finally settled in BBTC and found our place there. The pastors and members are so warm and cool. Thank God!

YA Church camp

YA Church camp

Family life has been good. Had more conversation with dad and he has been in stable mode. This is def an area I work to work hard at. He deserves our care and concern.

Friends wise, oh gosh, I have really missed out on them. It’s time to meet up with them. I miss them.

I got ex-boss’ blessing to go off from school and I am at ease. Will give my best in my current place before going on to another venture next year.

The next half of the year will def be more exciting. Our solemnisation, a few more triathlons to go, hols and getting the housing…

Exciting indeed!

Thank you Lord!

The Band – By K

Another wonderful day with my Dear.

Started off with a ride because I left my running shoes in the office again. Dear… If want to run must let me know early so I can bring my shoes home pls.

Rode for almost 2 hours at a fairly good pace (to me lah). L says its around 25km/h. Must be bluff me loh. Last time on the hybrid we hit 27km/h I think and I’m pretty sure we were going faster today…

In the afternoon, we went shopping for wedding bands. I think L mentioned before that we’d go for something less ostentatious than the Tiff. No rubber bands however. Pity. =p

Went to SooKee, Lee Hwa, and then to Tiff’s ( =D My idea)  L finally decided on one and we paid the price. It’ll only be ready late August. (Slow. Rubber band MUCH faster…)

Then went back, dinner, and chat on finances. Think L really had not considered the finances very much before…  All these things will blow a huge hole in our savings (esp the house really…)  But I’m sure things will be fine in the end.

Just spend wisely, save well, and trust in Him. =D