The proposal

Not unexpected since he asked me what I wanted. I stated some parameters and he worked around them.

So, I was asked to take Thu PM and Fri AM off. Thursday morning was restless moment for me (don’t know about him). Was practically counting down to 12pm but we couldn’t tahan anymore at 11.58pm and went off. Had lunch at Four Seasons (what I wanted) and went off to Swissotel (Stamford). He booked a spa treatment for us and that was really a treat. My body was just soooo tired.

When we came back from dinner, he was at the balcony. Sang ‘I wanna grow old with you’ before the beautiful skyline, with personalised lyrics. Took out the ring and knelt before me. Popped the question and waited for me.

“You want to consider properly? I will grow old and ugly. I will nag at you leh….”

He replied something like, “Eh…how long do you want me to kneel ah?”

And since then, he has been grinning. “You’re my fiancee now. I cannot believe it.” o_O


Thank you for everything
You make my life complete. =)