Over dinner last night, ksan and I were discussing about the choice that I have to make. It has been bothering me for days, since I last emailed ex-boss. Her reply upset me; I was expecting her blessing. I didn’t know what to do. One thing’s for certain, I was happier in school. I stated a whole lot of other issues to Ksan and in the end, his comment? You just want to go back to school..

Of course I won’t deny but good thing was he was able to give me another perspective in assessing the situation. I won’t deny either that the work we’re doing now has greater impact but we will only see the its effect some time later. In school, it is immediate. I love school but there are considerations that I have to think about. The choice I make will reflect what I value more. I wish things will go my way but it cannot always be so.

Sometimes I feel like a sleeping beauty in my current workplace. I’m not lazing around (hell! no!) but I’m not charging either. It’s really a challenge for me. I asked to be out of my comfort zone two years back and here I am. I don’t want to dwell on issues; I just want to break out of it.

I need wisdom to make the right choice but above all, boldness to embrace the challenges ahead.

BTW, Transformers is ok. *** out of ***** Think guys would love it more. It’s a childhood thing.
I still prefer romantic movies. ;p