It comes in twos

Two years ago, around this time of the year, I received a letter from the TMU, informing me of the opportunity to work in HQ. Two years on, I have to make somes major decisions that could perhaps change a great part of my life, for the better ;p

God knows me too well. He knows that I will be bored doing the same thing for too long a period and kept giving me challenges along the way and it always comes every two years.

This time round, there are more unknowns and gave me many sleepless nights. It’s really a good opportunity to rely on Him but the mind always takes charge. I’m thankful for Ksan who kept reminding me that He will be there and that He will provide. Oh! Faithless one! Keep your focus!

The man has planned something on Thu and Fri. Hmmm…looking forward to them! And that would mean I will miss the first swim class. Sorry coach!