step by step

After a morning run (yahoo! finally!) and a cup of killiney coffee, we went to meet the agent to find out more about housing issues. Ok! We are so going to appeal for the grant. Save us lots!

Proceeded to the blue place and spend an amount of time deliberating on the stone to purchase. “Don’t think about the cost,” the man said. How not to???? In the end, I left the place, elated.

tired feet

tired feet

Did some other minor purchases, scouted for wedding bands and the legs so darn tired. Worse than running. I’d rather cycle or run man!

The evening @ Melvin’s was great. The video game (whatever it was called) was so cool! I tend to agree with K that we could have it in our new place! Yea!

Another few steps taken!

Oh yes! WE have also got our air tix to London…pls..tolong tolong…pls don’t get affected by the flu.