This ad never fails to bring a smile to the face and the following sequel.

So, what would be one thing in my house that would make me squeal in delight?
A well-equipped kitchen. The man prob knows this by heart and one of the considerations he gave to the agent is, ‘5-room (also can consider 4-rm. But would like big kitchen)’. However, I know full well that a big kitchen is hard to come by esp for newer flats so the word is ‘well-equipped’ ;p though I’m not referring to those high-tech stuff like mircrowave oven blah blah…I was made a laughing stock recently because I didn’t know how to use one properly. Sigh!

Cooking at my current place is really quite a stress. It is, after all, my mom’s territory; any attempt to cook will always be inspected. Of course, being such a good cook, she will never be satisfied with my cooking. I always get a C or D grade by her although I fared well in school. She specialises in Cantonese cuisine and will never appreciate the stuff I cook. So, before long, I stop cooking at my place altogether. No practice and the skill will not improve. Am looking forward to my own kitchen and taking at least one cooking class this year, just to satisfy my desire to attend a class =).